David has been building and developing quality projects for over 35 years, starting with value adding to properties and then moving on to developing from scratch. His design background gives him the foresight to see what is possible creatively while his financial background ensures he “makes the numbers work”.

“You make your money when you buy” has been a catchphrase that David has lived by in all his property purchases. Having purchased over 40 properties he is constantly learning and using those learnings to fine tune his skills. The purchase price is very important, but the key is mitigating risk. Whether it is analysing easements, speaking to Town Planners, a coffee with the neighbor or working out if a tree is going to cost 2 apartments - there are so many permutations and combinations. Analysis is critically important but gut feel adds that little bit extra margin or avoids a major problem.

Having diversified experience in retail, office, warehouse and residential development gives David a wealth of experience. His knowledge across the sectors is useful in analysing opportunities with residential being his main passion and focus. Whether it was renovating, sub-dividing or flipping, David understands that mistakes are made when you fail to adequately analyse the property prior to purchase but, adding value will almost always fix those mistakes.

David has a Diploma in Property and an Estate Agents License (Victoria), which helps him understand both sides’ perspectives. This has significantly aided his acquisition knowledge, a key plank in ensuring development projects are profitable.

Over the last 20 years David has built a team of consultants who have helped him work through the challenges of property development from purchase to permit to completed multi-unit apartment blocks.

David’s developments have a unique soul and brand that can be seen in the delivery. This “X factor” creates additional value to the end result and is something David is especially proud of.

The past has molded many of his traits. Being a second generation developer, David recalls his time on building sites with his father, laying out food on a Friday afternoon for the crew on his sites and making sure they were all safe and well. This early experience moulded the style David has with his teams today.

Passion and Soul create the brand that shows in his finished developments and this is what drives David in everything he focuses on.



Alex is an experienced corporate and compliance lawyer with more than 20 years experience in financial markets, corporate transactions and long term debt.  His legal training was gained in top tier law firms in Melbourne and London, followed by a career in medium and large corporations in financial services, mining and  energy. 


Alex has many years’ experience in negotiating contracts with supplier, engineers and consultants. He is a commercially minded lawyer who is passionate about efficiency, quality delivery to clients and investors, and understands that dedicated work over the long term brings results.  


Through years of work in financial services and compliance, Alex has experience in AFS licensing, compliance systems and dispute resolution.  This experience in dealing with regulators in a commercially minded way, builds constructive relationships and delivers efficient results.  

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Abe is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and has over 30 years' experience in financial services in Australia and globally. He was a member of the start-up team of LeasePlan in Australia, serving as their Managing Director for 5 years and growing it to market leadership in Australia, before his appointment as a Member of the Managing Board and Chief Financial Officer of the parent entity based in The Netherlands, LeasePlan Corporation NV, where he was responsible for their global debt funding need of in excess of $18 billion across 30 countries. Abe served in that capacity for 3 years prior to returning to Australia in late 2008. The LeasePlan group with over 5,000 employees, is the world's largest vehicle leasing and fleet management organisation, spanning 30 countries across Europe, North, South and Central America and Australasia.


For the nine years and ending in July 2018, Abe held the role of Managing Director Fleet and Financial Services of ASX listed McMillan Shakespeare Limited, where he successfully established and led the Asset Management business segment in Australia, NZ and the UK.


Abe has extensive risk and compliance experience, has chaired credit committees of LeasePlan Corporation NV and McMillan Shakespeare globally and has extensive experience in debt and equity management with respect to asset portfolios.



From 12 years old working part-time for his Father on weekends as a labourer, Renato has always had an interest in building and design. One of Renato’s first weekend jobs was working at a Concrete Panel yard as well as a Part time labourer stripping and cleaning panels ready for Mondays delivering to sites. This on the ground experience gave Renato the basics with which to build to the next stage of his career.

Renato’s interest grew further into construction and he started working with a concrete construction company at 18. As a labourer, he started working in concreting and formwork, and, as the years went on, he developed a strong interest in the full suite of building and construction not just the concreting.

Seeing a site start from dirt and then finished as a completed building is what excited him. This led to applying for a Building/construction diploma so that he could combine all his practical experience with the theory he needed to obtain his building license. Renato studied nights and weekends whilst working during the week and after 3 years, obtained his domestic builders license and was able to start small building projects himself.

Over time Renato became fascinated with larger commercial projects that were much more complex and led him to apply for his commercial license which he successfully obtained. Having these licenses has given Renato the flexibility to do everything from renovations, large scale factories, multi-unit apartment blocks with basement whilst always using his on the ground knowledge and the basics of “building it right the first time”. This has stuck with him through all his array of projects which would exceed 100.

Experience, passion and attention to detail whilst not forgetting cost sums up Renato best.