In 2013 - I had a vision...

.... to build a substantial number of apartments with the express purpose of renting to tenants.


Early in the century Australians have grown up with the view that life is best when you own your own home. In fact, it has always been deep in the Australian psyche, and drummed into children when they were young - to own not rent because “renting is a waste of money” and “don’t make the landlord rich”.

We lived in large homes on large tracks of land. This is all we knew. We would live in one home and through life, struggle to pay it off. No matter what stage of life we were at, we would make the home we lived in work with whatever our personal circumstances were. One job, One home and One of everything was how life worked and was expected by family and society.

The One generation has changed! Multiple of everything... jobs and careers, places of residence, partners, children, health and family. The changes happen and they happen quickly; so flexibility is the key.

Having one home for all the iterations of life is no longer possible and conversely, changing homes, all through life, for many is impossible. In fact, saving for a deposit and getting a loan eludes most. The alternative? “renting”, a word many don’t even think or dream of. One-year rentals from estate agents that, in many cases. don’t provide service or care. The insecurity of short-term rentals makes many feel like the bottom of the barrel. Most unjust! I have been there, as many have.

The alternative is “The Purple Sand community” where you can rent long term in multiple buildings, depending on your stage of life. In boutique buildings that have all the services there for you. Our buildings are homes, not high rise “build to rent “buildings that don’t feel like home but feel and appear more like a hotel.

In 2020 - it became a reality ...

... It has taken till 2020, to find the right team to put this dream together – Imaginative design, proven building quality, timely delivery and execution, corporate governance giving clients (tenants) a flexible quality of life with security and our investors both a financial and emotional return on their investment.

I give you Purple Sand “Healthy Life Through Healthy Buildings”.